The boy’s biggest weakness had become his strength …

What is monogamy?  The western custom of having one wife with hardly any mistresses !

Sometimes, one’s biggest weakness can become one’s biggest strength. take for example, the story of a ten-year-old boy who decided to study judo, despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident. He started having lessons with an old Japanese judo master. The boy was doing well, so he was unable to understand why, after three months of training, his teacher had only taught him one move.

“Shouldn’t I be learning more moves?” the boy asked.

“This might be the only move you know, but it is the only move you’ll ever need to know,” his teacher replied.

The boy did not quite understand, but, as he believed in his instructor, he continued training.

Several months later, the boy took part in his first tournament. Surprising himself, he easily won his first two matches. The third match proved to be more difficult, but, after some time, his opponent became impatient and charged. The boy used his one move deftly and won. Still amazed by his success, he went on to compete in the finals.

This time, his opponent was bigger, stronger and more experienced. For a while, the boy appeared to be overmatched. Concerned that he might get hurt, the referee called a time-out. He was about to stop the match when the boy’s teacher invervened. “No,” he said. “Let them continue.”

 The match was resumed and that was when the boy’s opponent made a critical error. He dropped his guard. Instantly, the boy used his move to pin him. And so the boy won the match and the tournament. He was the champion.

After the match, the boy and his instructor reviewed every move in each and every match. Then the boy summoned the courage to ask what was really on his mind.

“How did I win the tournament with only one move?”

“You won for two reasons. First, you’ve almost mastered one of the most difficult throws in judo. Secondly, the only known defense for that move, is for your opponent to grab your left arm”

And so, this boy’s biggest weakness had become his strength.

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Author of books and articles on support and experiences of living with a mentally ill family member. My aim in blogging is to let others see how a loving family, with a father and husband who is able to give unconditional love, can help the family cope. Many call me the blogging grandma.'

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