There is as yet no known way to prevent schizophrenia …


My son used antipsychotic medications for too long, which caused him to develop a movement disorder known as tardive dyskinesia. This caused repeated jerky movements that he was unable to control especially around his mouth.

No medications helped so Clozapine was prescribed although it caused even more side effects than the other drugs. David’s psychiatrist told us that he would probably need to take medication for life … which was hard for us all to absorb.

 It would have been helpful if our family had been told more about the disease and a bit of support would not have been frowned upon. We got little of either and obtained our information from books and the internet which was nothing like it is today.

 It was important for David to use public transportation as there were times when he was unable to drive. Without riding buses, he would have spent a great deal of time at home. Instead, buses enabled him to go to the beach, into the nearest large city which helped while the time away when he was unable to do much of anything due to his condition.

What we all realized was that his symptoms would return if he stopped taking his medication. He only stopped once while in the hospital and had to take it intravenously which he hated so that problem did not recur.

 I asked whether there is a way to prevent schizophrenia in a person.

Answer: ‘There is as yet no known way to prevent this illness.’

 Overheard in a psychiatric hospital:-

Obsessed is a word used by the lazy, to describe the dedicated.

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