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There was a happy family with  a daughter who was a gifted child. But, by the time she reached the higher grades, there were signs that everything was not quite as it seemed. She stopped worrying about her appearance, she had often attended summer camps but that year, she asked to be sent home before it ended. She spent a lot of time alone in her bedroom. She had trouble sleeping. She had been a well-loved, social girl, but no longer wanted to see friends, and when they visited, seldom spoke to them.

 When she told her parents that the CIA was out to get her, they made an appointment with a psychiatrist.

 These are questions that her teacher could have asked the students in her class:-

 “If this girl were your friend, would you have thought that that there was a problem?”

 “Which part of her behavior was the most serious in your opinion?”

 “How do you think that her family felt?”

 “Do you think they blamed themselves?”

 “Do you think that a psychiatrist can help in a case like this?”

 “If your good friend’s behavior started changing, what would you think?”

 “What would you do?”

  •  Mental illness is often mistaken for drug or alcohol abuse. People with a mental illness often use these substances to relieve their symptoms.
  • Mental illness is a physical illness. Something in the chemistry or structure of that person’s brain has gone wrong.


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