I felt as though I were looking through the wrong end of the binoculars

Living with Alzheimer’s made me feel though I were looking through the wrong end of the binoculars. I was unable to absorb the enormity of the fact that my husband was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. I knew only one thing; that there was no cure, only meds to stop it becoming too bad, too soon … maybe. He was given Exelon.

My ability to sleep like a log deserted me as all kinds of worries niggled at my subconscious.

“Don’t worry, I will get everything in order for you,” my husband said. “Will he? I thought. “Can he?”

“Do you think we should move to a retirement home?” he asked.

“Do you want to do that?”

“Not really,” he told me, “but do what’s best for you.”

“So we sold our family home and bought an apartment.”


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About Jill

Author of books and articles on support and experiences of living with a mentally ill family member. My aim in blogging is to let others see how a loving family, with a father and husband who is able to give unconditional love, can help the family cope. Many call me the blogging grandma.'

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