“Maybe I should cruise around the world?”

With the average cost of a retirement home being what it is, there must be a better place for me when I need assisted living. I checked prices on a luxury liner and discovered that:

  •  If I book in for a long term stay, I receive a discount plus their senior discount.
  • Three meals are included and I can move about and try out most of the available restaurants on board.
  • Room service is included. They have a spa and a swimming pool, a workout room and a laundry.
  • They provide free toothpaste, razors, shampoo and soap.
  • Someone whispered that if I tip lavishly, I will have the entire staff scrambling to assist me and what’s more, I will be treated as a worthwhile customer and not only as a senior citizen.
  • An added perk is the plethora of entertainment on board ship, free, gratis and for nothing!
  • If I feel the need for a change of scenery, I can take one of the interesting trips provided by the cruise company when we dock at any of the exotic places they visit.
  • I was told that it takes months to get into a good retirement home but there is little delay in getting a reservation on a ship. What’s more, I can change to another of the company’s liners whenever I feel like it.
  • If my T.V. gives trouble or a light bulb needs replacing, they not only repair it fast, but apologize for the inconvenience.
  • There is a security guard on board, and every morning room service checks whether all the guests are doing well. If not, they send for a nurse or a doctor. If I am unfortunate enough to fall and break a hip, they will upgrade me to a suite for the rest of my life and  apologize profusely for any inconvenience I might have suffered.
  • Family will be only too keen to visit and might even check in for a mini-vacation. So, what more can a person ask for?
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About Jill

Author of books and articles on support and experiences of living with a mentally ill family member. My aim in blogging is to let others see how a loving family, with a father and husband who is able to give unconditional love, can help the family cope. Many call me the blogging grandma.'

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