Education, a change of attitude of the media, and a lot of government intervention might help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness


Every man, woman or child suffering from a mental disorder, deserves a life in the community with meaningful employment. Stigma results due to a lack of knowledge: ignorance, fear of someone with differences, mistrust, negative attitudes and discrimination.

Governments worldwide have been remiss, as have the public health communities. There is a whole lot more that they can do to help.

The following organizations have done a great deal in this field and although I am not providing links due to limitations to my ‘basic computer skills, I am listing the various organizations I have come across that are worth contacting. If I have omitted any, I would appreciated receiving the relevant information.

Breaking the Silence, Entertainment Industries Council, Change Your Minds about Mental Illness, In Our Own Voice, Active Minds on Campus, The Kids on the Block, Out of the Shadows, The Carter Center and SAMHSA in the U.S.A.

Stigma Watch, Beyond Blue and Mental Health Law,  Australia.

Minds Like Mine, New Zealand

See Me, Scotland


Stop Exclusion, Dare to Care.

My conclusion is that the problem boils down basically to education and the changing of attitude of the media as well as persuading governments to intervene on a large scale.



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