Couple with Down’s Syndrome Chosen to be Prom Queen and King

From NBC New York by Pei-Sze Cheng:-

Meghan Latini’s parents have always hoped other children would accept their daughter but they never dreamed that she would be prom queen. A few weeks ago, Latini received the honor at Huntington High School and her boyfriend, Brendan Higgins, who was also born with Down’s Syndrome, was voted king. “She’s always reached heights we never dreamed she’d attain,” said Marianne Latini, her mother. “We are so lucky.”

“I felt like a queen,” said Meghan. “I felt special,” she said as she described prom night as a dream come true. “A lot of people were cheering for me so I was pretty happy,” said the 17-year-old. Both Latini and Higgins graduated from Huntingdon High School this year and have been dating for four years although they’ve known each other since they were in pre-school. While most schools are judged by their test scores or athletics, Latini’s parents say the generous act of the student body really shows the character of the students and the school  community.’

Meghan is special to us but to get that kind of redognition from your peers, well, that is really something and it felt great,” said Joe Latini, the teen’s father.

Recent graduate Samantha Palmer ws also nominated for prom queen but she says she voted for Latini. “They won because they were the cutest couple in our grade and everyone loves them,” said Palmer.

Next year Latini and Higgins are going to attend the same tech school, but both of them have their sights set on college.

After reading this report, I was so moved, that I wanted to share it with the people who read my blogs.

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  1. Addrienne

    Emily and JoCgos,nhrats! I didn’t know you were pregnant, let alone that you had a bump. A person falls out of touch and then finds out her friends are knocked up – it’s crazy!!!How are you guys?Be good,Lipsky


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