Ten signs of a troubled teen.

If a parent  notices one or more of the listed points, chances are that their child is a troubled teen.

  • Tends to be a loner.
  • No longer engages in activities that were previously enjoyable.
  • Argues a lot and exhibits verbal disrespect.
  • Displays signs of anxiety.
  • Cuts classes on a regular basis.
  • No longer completes school assignments with care, if at all.
  • Has frequent fights with family and friends.
  • Expresses a negative attitude towards family and friends.
  • Becomes paranoid and believes that others are trying to harm him even when no threat is evident.
  • Exhibits a wide range of emotions that change frequently which could be a sign of bi-polar disorder.

If your child displays any of these symptoms in a way that causes concern, counseling might be necessary.

2 thoughts on “Ten signs of a troubled teen.

  1. Troubled Teens

    This is really a great and informative article providing the details on ten signs of troubled teenagers. Parents who are confused can get the accurate information of the signs and symptoms of struggling youth. For more information on problems and issues of unmotivated children visit

  2. kdawley

    My child was diagnosed as having an oppositional defiant disorder. After much time trying to deal with the situation alone, I finally decided that I needed to seek professional help for my troubled teen. After I sent her to a wilderness treatment program she was a new person.


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