See the sunnyside; retrain our brains …


While studies indicate that genes have some 30-40% control over our mind-sets, it has been suggested that we retrain our brains through action.

I am learning to record my day’s activities by hand  in a diary and when I review the entries later, it’s eay for me to see just how much is going right for me in my life … or not. Why by hand? A psychologist told me that according to surveys done, one is  more likely to remember something written by hand as opposed to typing on the computer.

Making time for myself since I stopped tutoring is something I try to do on a daily basis.  I distance myself from stress which seems to work as it eliminates a negative mind-set. I try to take ten minutes a day simply to sit and do nothing, but that means: not answering the house phone or cellphone even it it vibrates, and I do not open the front door when I hear the doorbell ring.  Obviously the TV is off.

A daily walk is known to be healthy so I am training myself to walk daily –  or every second day to be honest, for at least half an hour, which stimulates my mind.

Pessimistic thoughts have to be banished as pessimists are known to hang back and wait for things to occur instead of taking the initiative. I find that pushing myself even if I succeed my comfort zone, can be helpful.


One thought on “See the sunnyside; retrain our brains …

  1. Elaine Benton

    I couldn’t agree more with you! Having a positive mind set and setting goals, however small they may seem, pushing anything negative away out of one’s life – all very sound and good advice.


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