This policeman thinks I’ve stolen your car….


Several days ago, as Fred left the supermarket, he searched for his car keys. They were not in his pockets. A quick search of the check-out desk revealed nothing.
Suddenly he realized that he must have left them in his car. Frantically he headed for the parking lot. His wife has scolded him many times for leaving keys in the ignition. His theory was that leaving them there was the best place as he always knew where they were. Her theory was that it was inviting someone to steal the car. As he burst through the supermarket doors, he came to a shocking conclusion. His wife was right. The car was nowhere to be seen.

He called the police immediately, gave them his location, confessed that he’d left his keys in the car, and the car was gone. Then he made a more difficult call; to his wife.
“Honey,” he stammered.” I left my keys in the car and it has been stolen.”
There was a long silence and he thought that the call had been dropped; then He heard her voice. “Fred, I dropped you off at the supermarket,” she barked. Now it was my turn to be silent. Embarrassed, he said; “Well, please come and get me.”
“I will as soon as I manage to convince this policeman that I haven’t stolen your car,” she snapped.


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