IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS … Journalism gone wrong

Profits as well as ‘yellow journalism’ are largely responsible for the stigma associated with mental illness, to a large extent. Unfortunately, if it bleeds, it leads.

If an officer shoots aperson suffering from a mental illness it is bound to make the front pages of every newspaper as well as on T.V. News.

Here are a few descriptions used by the media worldwide in relation to mental illness.

He didn’t take his meds.
She’s crazy.
She’s a violent seductress.
He’s a sly manipulator.
He’s a dangerto society.
A violentschizo.
She’s nuts, insane, a wacko, loony, a madman or demented.

As if there are no crimes committed by ‘so-called sane people.’

All this only helps to keep the stigma going. T
Is this true journalism?

Please help me to reduce the stigma.

If every person who is affected by a relative suffering from a mental illness writes a letter to his/her local newspaper, or sends me an e-mail to: Jill at netsad@netvision.net.il, I will make a point of adding them to my blog.


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