Making the best of life … Life isn’t fair, but it can be good.

Coping with adversity is no easy task. I know, as I have been working on it for years.

  • I surround myself with people I love.
  • Dwelling on the half full cup is something I learned from my late husband who managed this from an early age and it is a very positive thing to do.
  • I keep busy.  I listen to classical music which is soothing. I blog, read and do volunteer work for the mental health society.
  • I watch the waves breaking on the shore and at high tide, enjoy watching the breakers smashing against the rocks.
  • Talking to a good friend is helpful. I discovered that crying with someone is more healing than crying alone.
  • And I learned that one might forget a friend one has laughed with, but one will never forget a friend one has cried with. It’s okay to cry.

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