Rethink the way we give gifts nowadays


Nowadays, the ancient, charming custom of exchanging gifts is deteriorating into simply paying people by giving checks. It has eliminated any idea of thoughtfulness. There was a time when we took our time thinking about which gift to buy for various occasions, but now, many people want to skip even that custom and let the recipient get their hands directly on the money. Many of their relatives are only too happy not to have to go to the trouble of worrying about and then finding a suitable gift and decide; ‘Let’s simply pay the bill and be done with it.’

What good does it do people in the same social circle or family to keep paying one another instead of buying a carefully chosen gift?


One thought on “Rethink the way we give gifts nowadays

  1. Elaine Benton

    Although receiving money is always helpful; a gift that has been carefully chosen for you, shows that the person has put a great deal of time, thought and love, selecting something specific that has meaning or purpose. I think often the best gifts of all are handmade, and these are treasured as they are far and few between.


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