My son, David, was hospitalized against his will …

The doctor said “Your son has become a danger to himself and maybe to others.” So in the deep of night, he was hospitalized against his will. Two orderlies came after midnight, woke him and told him to get dressed. My husband and I will never forget that night. Our son, David, stared at us in shock and asked: “How can you do this to your own son?” I was thinking the same thing and had no words with which to aaleviate the situation.

In a psychiatric hospital, he was stripped then jabbed with a hypodermic needle that filled him with Haldol, a drug that turned him into a zombie. He was stuffed with other pills too; blue pills to control his psychosis, pink pills to counteract their side effects, capsules to help him sleep.

We had read up a bit about mental illness from material sent us by friends in the USA so we knew that no one can cause schizophrenia no matter how hard they might try. Most parents are unaware of this. No one can cause schizophrenia. No one can cause s c h i z o p h r e n i a !

A few weeks later our son was allowed to return home. Schizophrenia became our constant companion. Our home, a beloved place, a place to relax, where we could be ourselves, feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world, became a cruel place where schizophrenia lurked.


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