Caregiving is an inadequate term. Maybe it should be changed to Lovegiving?


In my opinion, caregiving is a most inadequate term which is used loosely. I think that it should really be called love-giving, because that’s what it was. In order to live with a husband suffering from any kind of Dementia, Alzheimer’s in our case, I was willing to give unconditional love to my husband and I think it worked for us. I didn’t stop loving him simply because he could not always remember things the way he used to do. I did not spend less time with him after he became ill. On the contrary, I tried to go out with him more in order for him to have more memories to draw from in the future. We could not be described as an elderly couple, which goes to show that this illness can start at any age although it occurs more often in older people. My husband passed away when he was 76.

1 thought on “Caregiving is an inadequate term. Maybe it should be changed to Lovegiving?

  1. bobbie paxton

    I helped a lot with the care of my stepdad who was afflicted with Alzheimers’. My mom was one of those who wouldn’t accept offers of help from neighbors and friends. I lived about 500 miles away and had to make trips to help her, or bring them back to stay with us for awhile, so Mom could get some TLC of her own. I think that every person should plan for this eventuality. The Alzheimers’ Assn says a tsunami of afflicted will be needing healthcare, and care givers will be needing support. Care facilities can’t manage the numbers that are coming, given the number of facilities we have today. We need to bombard the House and Senate with info, and get them on board to start planning. If and when this hits, the healthcare system will be overwhelmed and unprepared. We need to think about this right now…have the discussion with our families, get those living wills updated. Our kids know our wishes. We have to acknowledge that they will have their own lives to manage, and we need to do what we can now, to help them in the future. If you have an afflicted partner or relative, and you are offered some respite, for heaven’s sake, take the offer!


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