What is unconditional love?


Unconditional love enables us to focus on the strengths, talents and capabilities of those close to us which we should take note of and minimize pointing out any annoying characteristics. After all, is it worth picking on the small irritations? Isn’t a positive approach more pleasant? Isn’t it better to accept people as they are? After all, nobody is perfect.  I learned that from my late husband who never criticized anyone and accepted both his family  and others unconditionally.

if your partner or husband butters his toast and leaves crumbs all over the tablecloth or doesn’t fold the newspaper when he is done, is it worh making a fuss? It takes a second to mop it up. This is a lesson that I am still trying to learn.

The power of positive is much stronger than the power of the negative so my new year’s resolution is to focus on the best in every person.

budgies in love  Is this an example of unconditional love?


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