Review of David’s Story by Barbara Morrison

Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2013 15:14
To: Jill Sadowsky
Subject: Re: blog

Barbara Morrison, yes, the Barbara Morrison, wrote a review of my latest book, DAVID’S STORY  (by Jill Sadowsky) and I would like to share it with you all in case you have not yet seen it online.

Do type in the following URL address to find it: 

Unfortunately, I still do not know how to make a link, so forgive me for asking you to type it in instead of touching it with your cursor which makes it fly directly to her site. Until I learn to make a link, I use the excuse that what can a blogging grandma possibly know about links and things?!


2 thoughts on “Review of David’s Story by Barbara Morrison

  1. Ethel Grinker

    Jill that is a real plus – from Barbara Morrison herself, I put my cursor on the link and up it came right away. 


    Your own posting, “Review of Davids Story by Barbara Morrison |
    Jill’s Experiences with Mental Health and Alzheimer’s Disease” ended up being worthy of writing a comment down here in the comment section!
    Simply wanted to say u did a great job. Thank you ,


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