Stand Up For Mental Health Campaign

1358270286755_stand-up-for-mental-health-160x600-orange The HEALTHY PLACE STAND UP FOR MENTAL HEALTH is having a campaign dedicated to  eliminating the stigma of mental illness, including self-stigma as well as letting others know that talking about mental health openly is good.  

Why is it time to stand up for mental health?
Like other groups throughout history, people with a mental illness have been marginalized, discriminated against and made to feel like second class citizens.

By standing up for mental health, you’ll let others know:
• There is nothing wrong with having a mental illness.
• People who suffer from a mental illness are not alone in what they are dealing with.
• People who suffer from a mental illness should not feel ashamed or forced to hide their mental illness symptoms and desire for effective treatment.
• Mental health stigma will no longer be tolerated.

How would our lives be different if we stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people we encounter? Let today be the day we look for some good in everyone we meet and respect their journey by Steve Maraboli, Life, The Truth and being Free.



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