Explain God, our teacher told us


While going through old papers, I came across this assignment. Our teacher gave us all a copy of it because she said it was the best in the class. It was on yellowing paper and as I am a grandmother, you can imagine how old it is.

“Explain God,” our teacher told us and this is what I wrote: God makes children to take the place of the old people who die. He doesn’t make grown-ups, I think because children are easier to make because they are smaller.

God’s second job is to listen to prayers and that means he doesn’t have time to listen to the radio or go to  movies. He hears everything so I think there is a whole lot of noise in his ears. He sees everything too and is so busy that I think we mustn’t waste his time asking for things that mom and dad won’t buy us.

If you don’t believe there is a God, you will be lonely because your parents can’t be with you all the time but he can. But we mustn’t only think what he can do for us. He put me here so he can take me back any time he wants, so that is why I believe in God.

Written by Andrew. Grade 3.


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