SERENADE 2 SENIORS – something light for a change.

Persian carpets in her living room have lost their floral pile. Blue velvet curtains fringed and draped, have long gone out of style. Her walnut piano stands up straight against a papered wall. A green wing chair beside the fire, displays a knitted shawl. In the corner, a bookcase holds Shakespeare, leather-bound. A huge brass pot contains the palm her cat sleeps curled around. It smells of homegrown lavender, cedar musk and embers. Dried flowers in a Wedgwood bowl from fragrant past Septembers. Cabinets with glassed-in doors have china on display. Venetian glass and Toby Jugs rest on a silver tray. Potpourri scent wafts from bowls perched on wooden stands. And the glorious whiff from candy jars she passed from hand to hand. Grandma’s room, I love it so. I wish I’d told her then. sadly, that was long ago. I can’t go back again.



toby jug


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