How to get the police to come to your home in an emergency …



An elderly man was getting ready for bed when his wife pointed out that he’d left the light on in their garden shed which she could see from their bedroom window. When he opened the back door in order to go out and turn off the light, he saw people moving items one by one from his shed into the large van they’d parked in the street. They were stealing his things.

He called the police who asked; “Are they in your house?’

“No, but they have broken into my garden shed and are stealing from me.”

“Sir,” said the police dispatcher. “All patrols are busy. Lock your doors and an officer will be along when one is available.”

“Okay,” he said and counted to 60 then called the police once again saying; “I called you a short while ago because people are stealing from my shed. You don’t have to worry about them any longer because I shot and killed them both and our dogs are eating them right now.” Then, he returned the phone to it’s base.

Within minutes, six police cars, a helicopter, a fire truck, and an ambulance with paramedics showed up and caught the thieves red handed.

A policeman approached the home-owner; “Sir, I thought you said you’d shot them.”

And the home-owner quipped; “I thought you said that there was nobody available.”

The moral of this story: Don’t mess with old people.


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