When I was a ‘computer dummy.’

computer (2)SERENADE 2 SENIORS

My granddaughter was five when she asked me to accompany her to kindergarten to see how well she worked on a computer. I went willingly and on arrival, she greeted her teacher and friends, and then sat down at the computer to show me how to make a birthday card. I was amazed at the speed her little fingers flew across the keyboard, and the result was impressive.

“Now it’s your turn, Grandma,” she told me, getting up to make room for me on the chair.

“Umm, no darling. Maybe I wasn’t concentrating. Show me again please, and a bit slower this time, okay?”

Once again she produced an even more beautiful card and vacated the chair for me. We repeated this drill a few more times, and shamefacedly I was forced to admit that I was unable to produce anything remotely like what she had done. This adorable five-year-old looked up at me with her sparking eyes full of surprise and asked;

“Grandma, didn’t you go to kindergarten?”


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