Youth helping other young people

An organization that helps youth run by young people who are suffering from a mental illness, will be able to help other young people in the same position. They could be trained to:

  •  Promote emotional, mental, social and psychological well-being.
  • Help guide young people with eating disorders to get the help needed.
  • Help guide others suffering from substance abuse and guide them toward asking for help.
  • Help organize a campaign against bullying and cyber bullying.

These young people can be trained to spot the early signs of mental health problems in their peers and provide help on a first aid basis. They might be able to protect one of their peers who is thinking of harming himself by showing support and getting help from the correct place. This is important as it will show young people that they are not alone. They can guide them towards finding the necessary support, both medical and social which will be most helpful. They can band together and so help reduce the stigma. By the time young people become adults, the incidence of mental health problems will have risen so now is the time to act. This is not a simple problem to solve but we do have to begin somewhere.

  • For people aged 16 to 24, suicide is a common cause of death.
  • Evidence has been collected that shows how beneficial early intervention can be.

Maybe the following could be their motto:  Remain healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution to your peers and maybe even achieve economic well-being.


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