He wanted me to play bridge …

lets play bridgeIn spite of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, my husband was able to play bridge and more than anything else, he wanted me to play with him. He begged me to learn the game. He seldom asked for anything so I felt bad about refusing and found a teacher. I joined her group. Strange as it may sound, I have never played cards of any kind with the exception of the children’s game known as Old Maid, which has no resemblance to a serious game like bridge. I have never even played solitaire. Well, there I was with three other women and our teacher, who explained the game as patiently as possible. I tried, I really did but I simply did not manage. Oh, I understood what she was telling us, but … don’t laugh at me, I kept dropping some of the cards I was supposed to hold in my hand. No matter how hard I tried, a card or two fell onto the table and in the end I had to give up.  Maybe I didn’t really want to learn but the decision to leave was made when the teacher suggested that I try my hand at somethig else. I felt rather guilty because I was delighted at the outcome and rushed home to tell my husband that I’d been thrown out of the class. That was the end of that so I had to find other activities for us to do together.

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