A swimming pool at a psychiatric hospital?

poolWe all know that swimming improves our moods and helps keep us healthy. Well, I noticed that when our son was ill, swimming improved his quality of life. He felt good, he interacted with the other swimmers, was out in the sun, and in general, smiled more often.

Unfortunately, exercise is not sufficiently recognized by mainstream mental health services as an effective intervention treatment in the program of mental health.  There has been evidence to suggest that exercise may be a neglected intervention. Most suburbs have swimming pools so why not build another one for each large psychiatric hospital? I am sure that if I suggest it I will hear; ‘Where do you think we’ll raise that kind of money?’ But it can be done. I am in favor of doing anything to improve the quality of life of people with brain illnesses in particular. Part of the psysiotherapy of people with handicaps is done in pools; so please let’s rethink this important subject.


2 thoughts on “A swimming pool at a psychiatric hospital?

  1. Elaine Benton

    Swimming and hydrotherapy are highly beneficial to many patients, whatever illness they may be suffering from. I agree with you that this could and should be made available at all centres. I am sure that funding can always be found, it just needs someone who cares to make it happen.

  2. Coral

    Currently I’m a dance/movement therapy student and interested in translating my work into water knowing all the benefits that such element provides. I have interned in a psychiatric mental hospital and can see the accessibility of getting into a pool support them in their recovery. Physical exercise is definitely vitalizing for mind/body integration and well-being. I was wondering if there are any VA or psychiatric hospitals that already have a pool? Or any community programs establish for this type of population? Thanks


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