Inclusivity – including people who might be excluded due to …

After John Sylwestrzak, a Mental Health Promotion Coordinator from the Wheatbelt Public health Unit from Australia, found my website and read some of my blogs, he sent this to me and I am posting it now. Not only did I find it interesting, but I was amazed at the thoughtfulness displayed toward the disabled population.

Inclusivity is all about the policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. Handicapped people, those with learning disabilites, individuals excluded on racial grounds, people suffering from HIV/AIDS, substance abusers, recently incarcerated people, sex industry workers, sexual minorities and  the people with a mental illness.

Inclusivity should be included in the facets of our work. When planning an event or program, do consider the following:

  • Use an inclusive statement on fliers such as All welcome – please let us know if you have any special requirements and include a contact phone number.
  • On fliers and brochures, use pictures/graphics that display inclusive practices or people with disabilities.
  • Consider the acoustics of venues and how this will affect people with hearing impairments. Avoid using halls or other large venues that have unpleasant acoustics, particularly for senior groups.
  • Inclusion can be achieved by changing the way in which the activity is presented. Consider what level of modification is suitable for your program/event. For example, would you modify your program to include people with specific needs, offer an alternative program/service or will you adapt a service specifically for people with special needs?
  • Consult with Disability Services.

When implementing an event/program, modify activities or break into smaller groups in order to manage group dynamics.

  • Use icebreaker activities i

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