People who bring you down

A smart social worker once told me that relationships should help and not hinder. She suggested that we all spend time only with people who are likeminded and who do not upset us. When my husband was ill, I remembered her words.

Some friends told me that they hated their place of work. I am sure that if they liked their co-workers, their attitudes to life would  have changed.

I learned not to be afraid of change as life consists of so many changes. Every day is different; a new beginning and a new ending. I made the effort to embrace life and make the best of it.

I learned that good looks attract my eyes but personality attracts my heart.

What I am still trying to learn is that a tired mind is a less productive one.

Because life is unpredictable, I have learned to be prepared. There is a big difference between being scared and being prepared. After all, I will only live once.




One thought on “People who bring you down

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