We should all …

We should all advocate contact with people who have a mental illness.

We should all make sure that people with a mental illness have the same rights as the rest of us.

We should challenge organizations to make sure that they are not discriminating against these people.

We should all aim to educate and train others in order to change discriminatory attitudes and behavior.

We should do so on television and on the radio.

We should organize public speaking engagements by people with experience of mental illness.

We should report journalists for using discriminatory phrases.

We should make sure that new journalists are taught to follow the correct guidelines.

These could be some of the positive results from the above program.

People will be more aware of how common mental illness is.

People will be less judgmental and more interested than previously.

People will feel lower levels of stigma and discrimination from family, mental health services and the public.

A new infrastructure will slowly be built for educating and training people in this new way of thinking.


One thought on “We should all …

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