Are doctors still discriminating?

Are doctors still discriminating?         

 This is the second in a series of ‘mentally ill people visiting doctor’ stories.

On another occasion, a man with a mental illness was lying on the examining table when a gastroenterologist he was visiting for the first time looked at his list of drugs, then shook his finger at his patient saying; “Get yourself together psychologically or your stomach will never come right.” Now nobody who meets this young man would guess that he had a mental illness as his meds worked well.

At the support group I ran I met many people with mentally ill children and one of them had managed to get through her adult life without anybody finding out that she suffered from Bipolar disorder. But, as soon as she had to reveal it to a doctor, everything changed, wiping clean the rest of her resume; her education, her accomplishments, reducing her to a diagnosis of mental illness.


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