i just wanted to be wanted


Stigma is defined as a sign of disgrace or discredit which sets a person apart from others. The stigma of mental illness remains a powerful negative attribute in all social relationships.

Stigma is a marker for adverse experiences, among them, a sense of shame, and is still perceived as a sign of weakness.

What my husband and I learned from our ill son was:

Stigma means not having access to resources.

Stigma means being reviled and becoming invisible.

Stigma brings with it intense shame, resulting in a feeling of

             decreased self-worth.

Stigma  is connected to secrecy.

Stigma causes anger which results in keeping one’s distance.

Stigma brings hopelessness, resulting in helplessness, and no

    Noone can live without hope.

 A civilization should be judged by the way it treats its mentally ill and its senior citizens.


1 thought on “S T I G M A

  1. Jenn zeffman joint coordinator Harrow Rethink Mental Illness

    Stigma, is responsible for our service users feeling that nobody cares.Lack of self esteem makes them feel that they are not worthy of being helped.Today a girl ,who suffers from severe mental illness arrived at our activity group in a very depressed state, she has asked for help from the professionals, she feels that because she is mentally ill they have no time for her.She has just lost her Mum so more understanding is just the norm.!!!!!!!!!!!!


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