When a senior needs service


When a young person needs service and enters a store, service is almost always accompanied by a broad smile. But, when a senior needs the same service, now that is a different story. It takes longer, there are hardly any  smiles and quite often, the salespeople are surly. Probably because some young people associate seniors with a combination of health problems and/or dementia.

I am a grandma and when my smartphone started giving trouble, I had occasion to take it for repair. As I entered the store, the sign said; Type in your phone number please, which I did. As’ I started tapping in my number, a young assistant snapped; ‘I’ll do that for you, madam.’ ‘No need, thanks,’ I replied. ‘I’m perfectly capable of doing that on my own,’ and just then, a slip of paper slid out of the machine with the number 604. “Do you mean to tell me that I have to sit here and wait for all those people to be attended to? All I need is to hand in my phone for repair,” I murmured to the sales assistant. “That’s our system, ma’am. Take it or leave it.”

I needed my phone so I sat it out. Eventually, when it was my turn, for the young man to serve me, I knew right away that I should have brought my daughter with me. She would have made the painful process faster and far more pleasant. Reluctantly, I left my phone with them and rather ungraciously took the old one they offered me in its place. “We will send you an sms when it is ready,” he added.  iPhone 2


One thought on “When a senior needs service

  1. CJ

    I may not be a ‘senior’ quite yet, but I do understand exactly what you mean all too well. I get tired of the curt and sometimes rude little snippy people I have to deal with in the marketplace. They tend to act like they know everything and that we don’t notice their condescending attitude when they speak. I do in no uncertain terms, let them know my money spends just as well at the competitor’s place.


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