Advice from all sides

cadbury's YESOver the years, I have heard that it is the simple things that count in life, so, when I feel down, I walk as fast as I can to the nearest supermarket to buy a large chocolate; especially a white Toblerone if available. What can be simpler than that? Yes, I love chocolate, and although I do not allow myself to eat it whenever I ‘feel like it,’ I have been known to manage far more chocolate in one go than anyone else I have ever met.

Something else that I read by laughter specialist  was, Laugh often and laugh loudly. Feel alive and get active. Well, the feel alive part is easy, but the laughing part is a bit harder. Although I used to be the kind of person who laughed a lot and laughed loudly, I don’t do much of either nowadays.

On television there is always someone saying; when the tears come, endure your grief and then move on. How right they are but they omitted to give instructions on how to do that.

Health books are full of, cherish and preserve your health and if it’s unstable, find ways of improving it. Then I noticed an addendum: if you are unable to do this alone, seek help.

I know how important it is to tell my near and dear ones how much I love them at every opportunity as it makes me feel warm and good inside.

Then I attended a lecture where I was told not to be afraid of failure. The lecturer said; ‘You’ve all failed many times even though you might have forgotten about all those times. The first time was probably when  you tried to toddle at an early age and toppled over. When you swam for the first time you might have felt that you were drowning. Maybe you messed up when you tried to swipe a ball with a bat for the first time, but that didn’t mean that you had to give up, did it?’

Now for the seniors. I’ve come to the conclusion that now that I am a senior citizen, I should throw out non-essential numbers including age, weight and height. I also think that I should try to  keep in close touch with cheerful friends as the grouches pull me down. It’s easier said than done but worth trying. Not for one moment am I suggesting that I am going to dump my wonderful older friends when they don’t feel well, but am going to have some good times with those who are able to do so.

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