Take a risk

We all know that there’s no point in feeling sorry for oneself, is there? Go for change. It’s no good wasting energy on things we cannot control. We need to stop trying to please others all the time. How about taking a risk? It certainly doesn’t help to dwell on the past. Are you the kind of person that makes mistakes over and over? Do you resent the success of others? Try not to give up too easily. Remember that it’s therapeutic to do something a bit risky.

taking a risk fish


One thought on “Take a risk

  1. Panny

    I watched your video (David’s Story) dearest Jill and identified on so many levels. As I gradually and hopefully find more time I would love to read more of your work and perhaps even be able to obtain a copy of your book. I would like to call your work a “gift” to the world as a result of David’s/your family’s and your suffering’s. Enduring and finding transcendence from your unique, difficult and painful trials. I am sending you and your family my love.


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