Cognitive Remediation where mental illness is concerned

Does mental illness cause emotional problems as well as cognitive problems? I know that people suffering from anxiety, schizophrenia, OCD, Asperger’s disorder and depression find it difficult to think clearly and have problems retaining information and paying attention.

Cognitive skills can be learned in various ways. One is computer-based whereby individuals work at their own laptops on tasks given them to work on at their own pace.

Other groups discuss strategies to improve their cognitive skills and develop ways of using newly gained  cognitive abilities.. This helps them improve their performance when carrying out everyday tasks.

Others learn social skills. They learn to perceive the intentions of other people and also learn how to act appropriately in various situations.

Another method is to teach management skills and how to live independently. This is what we tried to persuade our son to do but he refused to attend a single session. Someone told me that her recovery from mental illness was a result of her reliance on cognitive remediation. This therapy is roughly 20-years-old but I believe that it is gaining wider acceptance once again.

working on iPad


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