Prime Minister David Cameron – on Dementia

The most powerful nations in the world will be in London for the first-ever G8 Dementia Summit. Dementia has become a National Crisis.   ‘As Prime Minister, I have met many of the 800,000 Dementia patients and listened to their stories. As a father, son and husband, I’ve been incredibly moved. Imagine what it must be like to watch someone you live slipping away from you, perhaps unable to recognize you. They have my pledge: We are transforming Britain’s response to Dementia.’

This condition costs Britain about 19 billion pounds a year, higher than the costs of cancer, heart disease or strokes. Dementia has been downplayed or  mistaken for a natural part of the aging process.

First, the idea is to improve the diagnosis rates. Catch it early and life can be easier for so many. Britain as run an awareness campaign on television and got general practitioners to check more closely for signs of dementia. They are getting society involved in this fight back.

The most powerful nations in the world will sit around a table soon to discuss this to join forces on research and the national fight back against dementia will be matched by an international one and they will join forces when results come in.

Prime Minister Cameron, I am impressed. I don’t even live in England but my husband suffered from Alzheimer’s disease so I am all for what you are trying to do.



3 thoughts on “Prime Minister David Cameron – on Dementia

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