Alzheimer’s is a long, slow slide…

Alzheimer's 2Terry Pratchet wrote: ‘Alzheimer’s is a long, slow slide into oblivion with no brakes. If this were a paper journal, the ink would be running with tears. It’s a nasty disease surrounded by shadows and small, largely unseen tragedies.’

Here is another way of describing Alzheimer’s Disease. Can you magine a perfect statue that has been left out in the wind and rain for centuries to be worn away until it only retains the shape of the person without any individuality? Well, that is exactly what Alzheimer’s did to my late husband. It wore him away; took all the sharp edges and crisp points that made him so special as my husband for 55 years; the man who loved his family; the man who loved philately, nature, long walks, music and his work – and turned him into a vague human being. Fortunately for all of us, he retained his kind, loving nature, and as amazing as it might sound, he continued to play bridge every single week.


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