Feel free to share this on your blog

Jill :- Please feel free to share this on your blog.

‘Jill, – My sincerest thank you for sharing your family’s story with us.  Your book is a wonderful tribute to your late son, David.  By having the courage to share this story, you ensure that the dialogue around mental illness will continue, which ultimately will lead to greater understanding and compassion.  After reading through your blog, I purchased David’s Story trying to find some solace.  Less than five months ago, my 24-year-old brother, Ben, died by suicide.  Although he was never officially diagnosed, there were many similarities between Ben and David.  I shared the book with my family with the hope that they too would find some solace.   It has helped us all with the healing process and has made us feel a little less alone on this journey.  Thank you again for your courage. You are a remarkable and strong woman.  

 My deepest gratitude,

 Holly Neiweem 


The book that Holly referred to is my book – DAVID’S STORY by Jill Sadowsky, available as a kindle book from Smashwords and Amazon.

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