Memory improvement

a walking trailSo many senior citizens that I know think they might be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease when they simply forget the odd word here or there, or temporarily  mislay car keys or even forget temporarily what they did the previous day. But, we all forget things sometimes. I know that I do, and sit there and watch an odd expression flit across my friend’s face. I wonder what she’s thinking. The same way that our bodies need exercise to keep in shape, mentally stimulating activities keep our brains sharp too and all this has been known to keep memory loss at a distance.

I find that socializing on a regular basis keeps my mind busy. I’ve noticed that there are people who don’t follow this rule and resultantly tend to feel depressed and stressed out which has been known to contribute to memory loss. It’s important to focus on one thing at a time and to limit distractions.

I feel good about living in an orderly home – I am not obsessive about it but have noticed that if I live amongst clutter, I am more likely to forget things.

My suggestions? Read, watch a good movie sometimes, listen to music, go for walks, talk to people, learn a new skill or attend a good lecture as all this helps keep our brains active.


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