Are you a negative thinker?

A negative thinker sees difficulty in every opportunity while a positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.

I once read about a young boy with two prosthetic legs, yet in spite of this, he was a keen sportsman – a runner. His story prompted me to think about all the positive things I have I my life as well as the good times I have to look forward to which is far healthier than dwelling on tragedy. It’s okay to be sad sometimes, but making a different life and seeing the half full glass, is what counts. When I am writing, I am able to switch off from reality and write about whatever I wish – to go off into a world of fantasy if I so desire.  This has stood me in good stead and enabled me to continue sharing coping tools with other people.

The following poem by Rudyard Kipling says it all:

If you can dream but not make dreams your master.

If you can think and not make thoughts your aim.

If you can meet with triumph and disaster

And treat those two imposters just the same …

Yours is the earth and  everything  in it.                                                   


IF one


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