Paranoid s c h i z o p h r e n i a

I met Dr. Travis via Linkedin and asked about the work he was doing. On 2/2/14, I received the following email from him which has a great deal of information, including details of his book: Looking for Prince Charles’ Dog.

Hi Jill,

Thanks for contacting me. My website should give you an idea of what I am doing.

Kind regards,

Dr. Clive Travis.

Dr. Travis, I read everything on your site and the only thing about your site that bothered me was the phrase. paranoid schizophrenic,‘ as I prefer saying ‘suffering from schizohrenia,’ which is far less offensive. Schizophrenic seems to include the whole person instead of simply describing the illness. You would never call someone  ‘Parkinsonian or Cancerous’ would you? Please forgive me for having to point this out but I feel rather strongly about this subject. I am quite sure that my readers will find this site as interesting as I did.


3 thoughts on “Paranoid s c h i z o p h r e n i a


    Hi Jill,i agree,this is something i would like to. see changed,at the moment we are dealing with trying to improve services campaigning and running an activity,choir group.

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