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K commented on a blog and wrote the following:-  

Hi Jill,

My father, aged 89, who until this year has enjoyed good physical health, now has  declining cognitive capabilities. He had occasion to be in the hospital for one week and during that time, not one doctor nor nurse realized that he had no idea of what they were talking about when they had him sign consent forms for procedures to be performed – even though various family members visited with him at different times every day and also had medical power of attorney in case this situation arose.

How can doctors assess a patient of any age without asking for feedback from the family to ensure that his consent is of sound mind? I know from all the medical appointments I have accompanied him to, that when he answers a question, his answer is mostly incorrect. The medical personnel barely look up from their paperwork or put down their phones, and then move off to the next patient.  When we ask questions, my brothers and I receive different answers.

I took Dad to his G.P. today to find out what the hospital staff had reported to him. I needed details of ongoing treatment at home, so imagine my shock on hearing that the hospital had not informed my dad’s doctor that he had even been hospitalised. Can you imagine discharging him without a care plan or a treatment plan? They did not ask questions about who was going to take care of him at home either.

I am so angry, frustrated, worried, sad and ……




One thought on “K’s comments

  1. lenwilliamscarver

    Jill I feel so sad for you and what you are going through to care for your father. I just want to say that your experiences with the doctors is something not new in my opinion. As with my own health and hospital stays ie. last year I was in hospital every month for 2-3 days to week or two each time, my GP was advised a total of three times. Hospital staff would not even give but minimal information to family members ( daughter is IN medical field) for care after the stay. I say all this to just tell you “Be forceful” call the GP every time your father is hospitalized, demand that you get print outs of all medications even if you have them from a time before…the more you demand as the “consumer” the more they will know to give you the info or advisement, eventually the file will be tagged that you are insistent and caring they will give freely. I will pray for you and your father. God bless and have a beautiful, blessed day.


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