lonelinessLoneliness is one of the biggest challenges a person has to face. It can be due to  a mental illness. It applies to widows and widowers, divorcees and individuals who have not yet found a partner as well as to some handicapped people. It can be due to Down’s Syndrome, blindness, mild CP and also affects people in wheelchairs. These people need the opportunity to meet individuals in the same position and if a group to enable social integration in their community can be organized, it would be most helpful. People who may have been injured in car accidents and are still functioning adults, may share the same feeling – one of extreme loneliness and only because they are different.

Because someone looks different or behaves in a slightly different way from the rest of us, is not a reason to ignore them. There are certain things that this person might not be able to do, but he/she can manage most of the chores around the house. If we look carefully, we will always find something in common with one of these people over and above their disability.


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