The challenges of Alzheimer’s disease

                                                       skype picture for support groupI needed to join a support group that dealt with Alzheimer’s disease. I needed to be amongst other people who had common needs and interests, people who came together to share their feelings, thoughts and experiences in a combined effort to help me cope more easily and manage the shared challenges of dementia in a safe environment. People with any kind of dementia as well as their caregivers, were welcome. But, there were always people who did not come because of transport issues or because they did not have anyone to remain with their loved one while they attended the meeting. Others simply did not have the energy to come due to exhaustion or burnout.

Someone suggested that we use skype to enable those people to listen to the proceedings from home, which I thought was a very good idea. 


One thought on “The challenges of Alzheimer’s disease

  1. SFriant

    Find out if there is an Alzheimer’s or Memory Cafe in your area. We’re starting one up at the Blessing House in Victoria, MN. But I know there are many others. They are opportunities for the caregiver and the care receiver to join together with others in a safe and nurturing environment.


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