A psychiatrist once blamed me for causing schizophrenia

shrink at desk plus clockA psychiatrist once blamed me for causing schizophrenia but over the last decade or more, scientists have proven that there are distinct changes in the brain that occur in people with various forms of a mental illness. Having the finger of blame pointed at me was traumatic and I remember distinctly how I felt. My breath caught in my throat, I felt an excruciating pain across my chest,  and I had trouble breathing, quite sure that I was experiencing a heart attack.

Mental illnesses are disorders of the brain but are actually physical illnesses like diabetes. The only difference is that they occur in our brains instead of in our bodies. Why is it acceptable for any other organ in our body to go wrong and not acceptable for a brain to go wrong? The same way that other organs malfunction, our brains can malfunction too. AND, HERE TOO, NOBODY SHOULD BE BLAMED BECAUSE NOBODY IS TO BLAME.


There are warning signs of schizophrenia: Personality changes are common, irrational fears occur, there can be signs of a diminished appetite, social isolation emotional outbursts, a lack of  concentration, bizarre behavior, mood swings and a very ill patient, now known as a consumer, might even speak of suicide.

Those close to an individual showing any of these behaviors, should turn to a trained professional. Remember that only a psychiatrist can make the final diagnosis of a mental illness. and that might take some time as there is no definitive test that can be done.


3 thoughts on “A psychiatrist once blamed me for causing schizophrenia

  1. formyrtle

    Jill, I read this last night and was shocked! Thank you for sharing it. That must have been a very difficult time in your life. In my “humble” opinion, that psychiatrist should have lost his license or at the very least, gone back to school.

  2. lenwilliamscarver

    ha sounds like the psychiatrist that once told me my depression could be ‘cured’ if I would just plant a tomato plant and watch it grow! All that money for education and some are still dumber than dirt!

  3. June Judge

    A person who was director of a Community Mental Health Center..and a trained social worker, said “what have you done to your son?” when I described the bizarre behaviors I was seeing.


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