There are people like us all over the world

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Pat Cash established a tennis academy. A Davis Cup winner at the age of 18, Cash went on to win the Wimbledon Championship  four years later. Cash has been honest about his experience of mental illness especially when he was young. While playing tennis competitively he was seriously depressed and there were times when he was close to ending his life. Thanks to treatment as well as learning to avoid triggers for depressive episodes such as drug use and stress, Cash managed to get on with his life largely free of depression. He talked openly about his experience in order to encourage others to seek help.

Natalie Imbruglia is the Australian girl who acted in neighbors. In 2001, she became the face of L’Oreal cosmetics. Behind this success as an actress, singer  and model, she battled depression for many years. Natalie now speaks out about her own experience in the hope it will encourage others to seek help and not feel embarrassed or ashamed. Because she has experienced depression, she thinks it ‘s important to tell people what she went through and how she coped.





One thought on “There are people like us all over the world

  1. suzjones

    There are many more Australian celebs opening up about their depression. For example Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle) also battles depression and openly talks about the time that his father came on tour with the Wiggles to watch over him. Unfortunately, I attempted to read Pat Cash’s autobiography but it was very ego-centric and I couldn’t read it all.


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