A Safe Haven 4 Mothers

This blog is dedicated to mothers in particular. it’s a place to share our problems when there is illness in the family – mental illness in particular. it is a place where we share our problems; where mothers reach out to one another, and for the first time they manage to speak out about mental illness in their families and how it has not only changed the lives of their ill child, but the lives of the whole family. By speaking out in person or via email about problems affecting their lives, they receive in turn honest advice and support from other parents who have been there and been through similar experiences. These parents often become as close as relatives.

These are some of the questions asked:

How do I help my child who is no longer sleeping well? How do I persuade her to revert to her group activities with good friends?

A distraught mother admitted that she and her husband’s sex life was suffering due to their child’s mental health state, They spent most of the night agonizing over ways to help their child instead of sleeping. A father said; ‘ I am so busy agonizing about the past that it is preventing me from having a future. I used to think that I was a good parent but I now doubt my parenting techniques.’

Discussing these problems can be very therapeutic. i know that because our son was diagnosed as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia so I knew where these parents were  coming from. I receive few comments on my blog but receive many emails from people who need to be heard or need some questions answered and I do my best to reply to them all. This is not instead of seeking a qualified therapist. It is ‘ as well as. ‘

What we all need to remember is that NOONE CAN CAUSE A MENTAL ILLNESS. NOBODY IS TO BLAME. No more blame, No more shame, No more stigma

1 thought on “A Safe Haven 4 Mothers

  1. suzjones

    Oh Jill. I have suffered depression. I have helped the GG as he has suffered as well but when you receive phone calls and text messages from a child that tells you that they are at the end of their tether it breaks your heart. I have just returned from spending 10 days with my son after he attempted suicide and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where he was diagnosed with severe anxiety issues and underlying depression. He was released after five days and returned to the home he shares with his wife and although I have returned home (he lives 1000 miles away) I find that I am on the phone to him constantly keeping check on him. I am able to help him in some ways because I have suffered depression myself but as a mother, you want to fix everything for your child and there are some things you can’t. That’s just not fair.


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