Tomorrow will be different

Although mental health problems are common and affect so many people around the globe, stigma and discrimination are still common and many myths abound. Unfortunately, psychiatrists don’t seem to be in agreement about the way mental health problems are diagnosed, what causes them, and which treatment is the most effective.

Despite these challenges, it is possible to recover from a mental illness and live a fulfilling and productive life. There is something I would like to stress here; something that my family learned the hard way; having a mental health problem  is NOT a sign of weakness. It is an illness like any other.

Our son had to learn that life was not about being classified by his mental illness. It was about learning to accept himself the way he was. When he got out of bed each morning, he had to try to have a productive day because he knew that the following one might be different. In spite of that, we told him to repeat to himself the following mantra; tomorrow MUST be different because nobody can live without hope.

a willow tree


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