Mental Health Awareness Week

mental health awareness 3

mental health awareness 2Four years ago, I started blogging in an effort to reduce the blame, shame, stigma and discrimination against people with mental illnesses. I have come a long way since then as the response has been tremendous. I was rather naive in thinking that one person could change anything, but today, I understand, that even if I have helped one person to feel better about themselves or their loved ones, I can call that success.

 I realize that even today, there are people in the world who are short of information on this subject. There are individuals out there who need to make contact with someone who has personal experience of living with an ill relative;  in my case, a son, who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I receive mail from people who are desperate for personal contact from someone who has been there and it saddens me that they cannot find help nearer to where they live. I sincerely hope that in time, more and more people will speak out about their experiences, eventually turning the subject of mental illness into  one that is spoken about the way people talk about diabetes, arthritis and other physical illnesses. After all, schizophrenia is a brain illness and our brains are very  much a part of our bodies,  so I ask once again – why the terrible stigma?



2 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Week

  1. Marie Abanga

    Reblogged this on Marie Abanga's Blog and commented:
    Ignorance they say is no excuse to the law. I say ignorance is no excuse for life. I am doing my mite to sensitize and increase awareness, and in the process l am stigmatizing stigma by sharing my own personal challenges and using my real name.

  2. threekidsandi

    Last Friday one of the temporary employees at my job just lost it. He had not been taking his medication and in four hours he became a mess. I wish his mother had just told us, because he was trying to show us medical papers and we were not his employers, the temporary agency was. He was trying so hard to fight it , I could tell. But he couldn’t trust me, or anyone, and it broke my heart. I am old enough to be his mother. I hope he remembers somehow what I told him and gets some help. I hope he takes his medication.
    He was a very good kid. Hardworking and polite. I will miss him on Monday.
    Our community has a good outreach for this. We have great workers that help coordinate housing and medical care and work for the mentally ill. This kid was from out of town, driving in each morning. His mother told him to ¨get it together¨. I don’t know how that will help.
    Our local advocacy group wants the members of the community who utilize services to attend meetings in order to improve and streamline the processes and referrals. During work. Like those of us caring for the mentally ill have time off. As if those of us who are mentally ill have the time off. I don’t know what to say, we have things in place, and we just cannot get to the next step.
    I suppose I am venting, really. I just want this kid to be able to come back to work.


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