More poems in a notebook


You’re the one

I can’t get out of my mind.

I’ll dream of you day and night.

You’re so far away

and I’m so lonely, so cold

and so bitter.

It will be good when you lie beside me,

soft and innocent,

pure and smart,

as pure as the soul of a new-born babe.



Summer has gone

There’s no sun, no sea

There’s no tanning on white sand.

Im waiting for the leaves to fall.

Winter, I’m waiting for you,

waiting to hail the start of the cold.

Spring, summer, fall, winter

Im stuck in the same place.

My doctor refuses to help me

My parents leave me depressed and forlorn

in a psychiatric hospital.



Medication without cause

Parents threw me out.

For a long time

I haven’t slept at home.

For three and a half years

I haven’t dated.

I haven’t been to a party.

My social life doesn’t exist.

I’m a good salesman.



My life is plagued by demons

Awake all night and day

They persecute me

And never let me rest.

My shrinks support them

And don’t consider me.

I represent the bourgeois

I come from a good home

Therefore I’m not worthy of their support.

Only a kick in the pants.



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