new year celebrationsAnother year has come and gone and my Wish List for 2015 is not all that different from the one I had last year. In fact, very little has changed.

I dream of a year where there is no more

Blame,                   Shame,            Stigma and

Discrimination against people with mental illnesses.

I dream that I will wake up one morning to hear that there is a cure for Parkinson’s Disease

I dream that there will be a cure for Schizophrenia

I dream that someone will discover a miracle cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

I dream of a time when we all accept those who are different from the rest of us, of a time when school teachers will not only be able to recognize a student who has a mental health problem, but direct that student to the appropriate place for help as well as guide the rest of the class toward acceptance of mental health issues.

I dream of a time when people will approach an individual sitting in a wheelchair and refrain from asking the caregiver how he/she is; rather  aim their question directly at the patient who is often perfectly able to speak out for himself/herself.

I even dream of a time when Prime Ministers or Presidents will take on Mental Illness as their priority.


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